About JHM's CEO

Jameel (CEO)

At the age of two, Jameel’s father was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident, leaving his mother to raise Jameel on her own. His mother’s last memories of Jameel’s dad was picking Jameel up and holding him into the air and shouting, “A star is born!”

Soon after, his mother packed up their belongings and moved to Chicago, Illinois for a new start. His mom was a hardworking single mother that often sacrificed and worked tirelessly holding down 2 jobs to ensure that Jameel never went without. Even though Jameel’s environments and schools constantly changed, one thing did not and that was Jameel’s love for fashion.  

Not having the means to purchase all the latest fashions, Jameel had to become creative with what clothes he had. He began to mix and match and put together different looks and pieces together in his wardrobe. He began to create and develop his own personal style and swag. Jameel has set inspiring trends, fashion forward styles and cutting edge looks. He has carried his passion for fashion throughout the years and in 2019 created and launched JHM Clothing, LLC.

“Fashion for me is personal and it’s a part of me. I breathe and live it and it happens effortlessly. Mixing and matching pieces, whether it be a high-priced item or a cheaper item, it all comes down to how I put it together. The feeling of always being ready means you never have to get ready! My clothing line is a construction of pieces that can be worn in all conditions. Whether it be working out, lounging around, or a night out in the city. My clothing line is to be worn with confidence, exemplifying greatness, and with my signature, you are signed, sealed, and approved.”