Pre-Order Policy

What is a pre-order?

Pre-orders are advance purchases made on new merchandise that is still in production when ordered and not immediately available in our warehouse. Pre-orders will be scheduled to ship at a future date. Pre-orders are a great way to guarantee that an item will not be sold out upon arrival to our store. One of our JHM Team Members will reach out to each pre-order customer with updates of the projected time of completion and delivery of their item. These dates are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to update our pre-order customers with any changes. Delivery times may vary for pre-orders depending on their shipping origin.

What are the advantages of buying a pre-order item?

The advantage of buying a pre-order item is that you can guarantee the size or item you want without risking that it runs out as soon as it is available in our warehouse. Requests for certain items can be multiple. For this reason, their availability can run out even before they are physically available in stock.

How to fulfill a payment?

Payment is required at the time of the purchase. The total amount of the order will be charged at checkout.

Can I cancel a pre-order item?

Unfortunately at this time we can not cancel pre-orders. As soon as your order is placed that starts the production of your item. 

How long will it take to ship out my pre-order?

Waiting times vary from article to article. Usually, the estimated waiting time is of 25- 30 working days from the date of publication of the item. Once that the item is available in our warehouse, your order will be dispatched within two days.

Please keep in mind that if you placed an order containing a pre-order item, the whole order will be on hold and dispatched entirely. 

When a delay occurs and why?

The items of our collections are exclusive. For this reason, the manufacturing process requires several production and processing steps. This delay can come from the suppliers that inform us about the estimated delivery of the items but some delays happen due to suppliers deadlines being pushed back. In the unlikely event of a delay, one of our JHM Customer Care Team Members will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

Can I combine in stock and pre-order items?

We suggest that pre-ordered items be ordered separately from “in-stock” orders, as in-stock merchandise can be shipped immediately. If you combine in-stock and pre-order items into one purchase, all items will be shipped when the pre-order is fulfilled.

Still need help?
Simply email us at and one of our JHM Team Members will assist you to find the best solution for your needs.