Fat Burner & Detox Bundle

Fat Burner & Detox Bundle

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Detox Your Body & Burn Excess Fat

Bundle and Experience The Ultimate Snatch Effect! JHM 14 Day Slimming & Detox Tea is a caffeine-free tea packed in individual tea bags that contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients. Our Tea will help slim your body while detoxing your system getting rid of toxins and waste. Our Body Heat & Slimming Cream increases sweat and heat activates when applied. This Slimming Cream helps fat cell reduction significantly below the skin's surface, creates a firmer and visibly smoother skin, tightens skin elasticity, and improves its natural firmness. 

* For Maximum results combine this bundle with our JHM Waist Trainers, Thigh Erasers, or Sweat Vests along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.